New Mulch in the Planter Beds

Celynn VanDeventer

Hard working volunteers bring beauty to our little town – The downtown White Salmon planter beds are even more spectacular after a small, ambitious crew of volunteers got an early start on distributing wood mulch in the beds from Main to The Enterprise.  Several yards of City-supplied, incredible-quality mulch, leftover from chipping the Winter 2012 ice storm debris, were dropped in several piles along the street by White Salmon Maintenance-men Tommy and Troy early in the morning.

Lorrie DeKay

About 8:00am the Community Partners volunteer crew began arriving, eventually including Lorrie & Lloyd DeKay, Darren Nichols (Gorge Commission Exec. Dir), Julie Blenn, Kathy VonMosch, and Celynn VanDeventer (owner of Postal Connections).  Tearing into the mulch piles with snowshovels and wheelbarrows, they got the beds from Main St. to The Enterprise filled and groomed with 4-8 inches of mulch by shortly after 11:00, even though the work and the heat certainly had everyone dragging by the end.

Julie Blenn


A few more beds remain to be dressed on the north side of the street before the big July 4th parade, and it’s thought the mulch will help retard weed growth, make it easier to pull the weeds that do pop up, and help retain soil moisture.  So when you marvel at the spectacular plants and flowers that grace our downtown, please remember the Community Partners who keep working hard to “help move Bingen-White Salmon toward prosperity”

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