Crazy Good Times at White Salmon RiverFest

OK, if you weren’t on the community raft trips, and you weren’t at the awesome symposium, and especially if you missed the party with the Shed Shakers at the Husum Riverside B&B, then you missed the best White Salmon RiverFest yet!

3rd 2013 raft over Husum Falls

I wasn’t counting but there must’ve been close to 100 of our neighbors and friends enjoying an absolutely beautiful day on the river with Wet Planet.  It turned out to be the first day of the 2013 season that we could run Husum Falls in one of the highest water commercial raft runs over the falls in a long time, if not forever.  And getting there was more than half the fun with high-water rapids and spectacular drops all along the way from the BZ Launch Site to the Northwestern Takeout.  And the new lower portion of the run is getting better all the time since the removal of Condit Dam.

Ridin’ the Bull with DeeAnna

The symposium featured over 10 river information tables, several speakers, and a discussion panel on the pluses and minuses of big wood in the river.  Judging from the experts and policymakers observations and statements, the river is in good, capable, and fair-minded hands.  Oh, and the lunch by Big Man’s Rotisserie and the raffle prizes were awesome too.

Then the party really got going at the Husum Riverside B&B with the Shed Shakers shakin’ the house, Solstice Pizza really cookin’, Country Boy and PBR on tap, and the biggest  crowd that the new owners, Trish and Randy, have seen in their short experience.  More raffles and abandoned dancing made the warm night super cool, and made the cool night HOT!  Turns out that Trish and Randy have decided to do a community night on Thursdays through the summer, so if you missed it this time you may be able to reprise yourself a bit.

Meanwhile, if you missed the action this year you need to give yourself a quick kick in the butt, and then make sure you hit the Thursday Community Nights at the Husum Riverside B&B, and begin planning your vacation days so you don’t miss this very special event next year.

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