White Salmon BMX -Trail Bike Skills Park

The newly formed White Salmon Bike Club (The Spoke Club), a group of White Salmon area trail bike enthusiasts, have been working on a non-motorized BMX and Trail Bike Challenge Course at the City of White Salmon’s borrow pit, across from the ball parks and next to the gun club.  This 19 acre area, that for years has been used only as a city debris dump site and burn pit, is being transformed into a highly desirable bike park through the efforts of volunteers, fundraisers, and donated materials, with little- to no-cost to the city.

The White Salmon City Council voted to approve the new bike park after being presented with a detailed proposal that cited a host of community benefits while addressing concerns:

BMX/Trail Bike Park Layout

BMX/Trail Bike Park Layout


  • Healthy (gets kids away from “screens”) 
  • A positive change:  From dump to park 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Zero emissions 
  • Zero noise 
  • Minimal environmental  impact  
  • Minimal to no-cost for City of White Salmon.
    •  Park built by area volunteers using primarily their equipment and time. 
    •  City to donate minimal equipment time with operators if available or permissible. 
  • Positive economic impact 

City concerns resolved 

  • Erosion – Trails will be built to IMBA standards
  • Neighbors – All neighbors will be advised & their concerns addressed early.
  • Decommissioning – Design will facilitate easy removal
  • Maintenance – Trail Work Days 
  • Environmental –  We are transforming a dump site to a park 
  • Liability – City & Volunteers liabilities will be addressed 
  • Parking – Exists & Expandable

This newest White Salmon park is on track to open in the Spring, 2013.  Check it out!

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